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Ribbon manages and grows your Twitter account automatically, so you can focus on more important things.

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Meet Ribbon

Ribbon automatically publishes from your blog, finds interesting articles to retweet and schedules your tweets for maximum exposure.

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Creates headlines

Have your own blog? Want to post from several different blogs? Ribbon will create headlines for & share your posts with the highest engagement.


Smart Scheduling

State of the art artificial intelligence determines the best times of day to post for maximum exposure, and then posts for you!

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Automatic retweets

Ribbon finds interesting tweets specifically catered to your audience, and retweets them!



Holy crap. I signed up and never had to touch it again. 🤯


If you're a small business, you need to be using Ribbon. Period.


I volunteered to write a testimonial because this is, hands down, the best tool I've discovered in years.

Pricing & FAQ

  • Simple pricing, gets you everything!
  • How is this different from Buffer, Hootsuite, etc.?

    Ribbon is the only completely automated social media manager in the world. Your posts are scheduled automatically for you, headlines are created for you and we'll even retweet things.

    You literally don't have to do anything after setting it up for the first time.

  • How often will it post?

    We've use artificial intelligence to figure out the best days & times to post - in general, you can expect a post per day.

  • What if I don't like the posts?

    All of your scheduled posts will appear on your dashboard - you can edit, reorder or delete them if you wish.

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